The Conquer Cup can only accept competitors who register through the website. This helps us run an automatic system at tournaments with little to no error in divisions, scoring, and attendance. We understand that it can be difficult to use this system at first, and we hope this guide will help.


TO REGISTER, go to, Click on the "REGISTER HERE" button in the top right hand corner or follow the link through our registration page. This will take you to the MY UVENTEX page. Log in or create an account for yourself (you will later register your competitor). Once you have created an account, please click on your profile and "add member". You will then be able to complete a form with your child's information and use if for future tournament Registration. You will now search for the tournament you wish to compete in and select the member you wish to register. Please choose the appropriate category for your competitor and you will be all set!


If you have used MY UVENTEX before, please make sure to make any changes to your account PRIOR to registering. This is important for underbelts who moved up in skill level since their last tournament using the system. MY UVENTEX will only show you divisions that your competitor is eligible for according to their age and belt rank. 


Please contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns related to registering your student(s).

Registration NOW OPEN